Why you do need sunscreen even when you work from home

Why you do need sunscreen even when you work from home

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Did you know that UVA light which is the main cause of photo-aging can penetrate through glass? Standard glass windows only block UVB light. UVA light causes changes in the skin such wrinkles, dark spots and dehydrated skin. Another important factor is that UVA rays contribute to skin cancer. So while working a lot of times from home during these corona times, we recommend you to put on an SPF even while being inside. How often should I be reapplying the suncream? If you are next to a window the same rule applies as being outside. Reapply every two to three hours. Sunscream comes in very light versions nowadays. So light you can put them on before applying your powder or foundation.

A light emulsion suncream is the Some by Mi UV Daily Shield Mild Suncream SPF50+/PA+++. This 3-in-one multi-functional sun cream offers UV protection, is a good make-up base before applying powder or foundation and has firming properties. The texture is so light, it melds easily into the skin. It protects you from harmful UV-rays. Reapply every few hours!



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